Jewelry production & materials

All my jewelry are hand crafted in my atelier in Montpellier in the south of France. I always try to fulfill your orders as soon as possible but most pieces are made to order so please leave up to 5 working days for your order to be shipped.

All the silver jewelry is made of recycled and responsibly-sourced 925 sterling silver. Most of my silver pieces have an exclusive rhodium protective coat which avoid or heavily delays the jewelry to tarnish. (Read more about tarnishing and care in Jewelry care)

The freshwater pearls and gemstones are carefully selected and the beads are eco-friendly, hand made from recycled glass in Ghana and/or fair trade. Natural freshwater pearls and gemstones can vary in color, so they can look a bit different from the product picture and please note that some pearls have small flaws and marks since they’re natural. 

I use recycled and biodegradable materials in the packaging and in my atelier where possible, and I always look for ways to be more conscious of our environmental impact.

Oxidized sterling silver is true sterling silver where the surface has been intentionally darkened by introducing it to a chemical process. This patina, a surface color that occurs when the silver is introduced to sulfides, is a sped up version of the natural tarnishing process. Oxidized sterling silver jewelry do not have to be polished or cleaned. Like other patinas, oxidized silver is just a surface treatment and does not change the internal color or properties of the metal. Over time and depending on how and where you wear your pieces, the oxidized finish will polish off and the true color of the silver will shine through, this will give your jewelry a cool patinated and used look. If you would like to get the darker color back, the oxidized finish can be restored at any time, simply ask me or your local jeweler for a re-oxidation.