Melt wrinkle ring small
Melt wrinkle ring small

Melt wrinkle ring small

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The Melt wrinkle ring is a part of the Organic melt collection where the silver is melt or semi-melt in order to create organic and unique forms. This ring is heaten up just to its melting point to create an interesting and wrinkled texture. The ring is about 4 mm wide.

XS: 16 mm inside diameter 
S: 17 mm inside diameter
M: 18 mm inside diameter
L: 19 mm inside diameter

100% recycled sterling silver

Please note that you won't receive one of the rings as pictured since the melting process is completely organic and therefor every piece is unique.  
If you need a more specific size (to make it your engagement ring for example) please leave me a note and I’d be happy to fix it for you!